Public Notice !!! The general public is hereby informed to get Certificate of Road Worthiness for their motor vehicles. All vehicle owners are strongly advised to visit the nearest Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) or the State Board of Internal Revenue for certification. All applicants must be tested and certified competent by a testing officer before a certificate is issued


THE MANDATE: All motor vehicles used on the road shall be examined to determine that they conform to the prescribed requirements relating to the construction and use of the vehicle, its accessories and other equipment

It is your responsibility as the owner of a vehicle to have your vehicle tested. You can take it to the nearest VIO office or the State Board of Internal Revenue within Delta State for testing and certification.

That the condition of the motor vehicle is such that its use on the road will not involve a danger or injury to any person or damage to property. All vehicles must be physically inspected before roadworthiness certificate is issued. Examination shall be conducted every six months in respect of commercial vehicles and once every year in respect of private vehicles. At the end of the roadworthy test, if passed, a certificate is issued.